food for all

Somerville Hispanic for Community Development has been awarded a grant of$7,500.00 by the Boston Foundation,” agency Executive Director Salvador Demallistre said today.

According to Salvador Demallistre, the grant will be used to help the Food 4 All program to better fight hunger in our communities. . “Our organization has been feeding, clothing and developing our communities and their children during the last 10 years, “Mr. Demallistre said. The grant from the Boston Foundation will give us additional […]


2013 Annual Report

One of my key goals as Executive Diretor of Sha4cd is improving how we work together. By that, I mean how we work as a team within the foundation and how we work with our larger team of partners to build better lives for the people we serve. In the year since I wrote my […]


2012 Annual Report

AsExecutive Director of Sha4cd, my job is to make sure we are using our resources—our endowment, the expertise of our staff, and the voices of our leaders—to the utmost, so that we can have the maximum possible impact on people’s lives. And the next five years offer a historic opportunity to have an impact on […]